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Impressive Treatment at San Antonio Rehab
I have been very impressed with the care that I have received at San Antonio Rehab. The facilities, staff, and food are wonderful. I encourage anyone interested in treatment to explore San Antonio Rehab as an option.
, San Antonio Aug 22, 2011

Top-Notch Rehab Treatment Center
I would choose no other place to go to treat my drug addiction. San Antonio Rehab provides the knowledge, coping skills, and foundation necessary in order to live a life free of addiction. Long live San Antonio Rehab!
, San Antonio Jan 23, 2012

Great Experience at San Antonio Rehab
I had a great experience here at San Antonio Rehab. The staff and community are wonderful. After two treatment centers this is the one I wish I would've gone to first.
, San Antonio Dec 26, 2011

Great Job San Antonio Rehab
My experience at San Antonio Rehab has been great. The staff is very receptive to people's needs and the groups offer great insight into the issues surrounding addiction and subsequent sobriety.San Antonio Rehab does a great job!
, San Antonio Feb 12, 2012

Superb Treatment Center in San Antonio
I am in the middle of my thirty day treatment San Antonio Rehab. I have had a very positive experience here. The staff is very compassionate, the clinicians are helpful and understanding, and most of all the environment is very comfortable. Thanks a lot San Antonio Rehab!
, San Antonio Mar 24, 2012

San Antonio Rehab is rated 5/5 based on 5 reviews.